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Bar peeling machine BTH series

Bar peeling machine BTH series

Bar peeling machine BTH series

A peeling machine removes the decarburized layer, scratches, or defective hardened layer on the surface of the cold/hot rolled round material.A continuous feed system of bars loses no time in loading and unloading.Therefore, it is suitable for mass production.

Work material

  • Ferrous, non-ferrous
  • Special steel
  • Alloyed steel
  • Copper and titanium
  • Inconel
  • Hollow materials (pipe materials), etc.

Daisho is

  • the only peeling machine manufacturer in Japan
  • The max. stock removal is 15mm in diameter.
  • BTH series01
  • BTH series02
  • BTH series03
  • BTH series04

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Customized specifications are available upon request

“The Daisho Seiki Product lineup is not limited to the “”Bar to Bar”” peeling machine, but also includes a “”Coil to Bar”” machine that continuously feeds coiled materials, turns them into certain sizes, and cuts them into predetermined lengths, and a “”Coil to Coil”” machine with a coil take-up block.”We are also engaged in the design and manufacture of the RM series of two-roll straightening machines with the ability straighten black and bright bars and to improve the surface finish.

  • Bar to Bar

    Bar to Bar

  • Coil to Bar

    Coil to Bar

  • Coil to Coil

    Coil to Coil

  • Straightening



Model Size range Feed rate Main motor Weight
BTH-25R φ6~25 Max.50 45 kW Inverter 12,000
BTH-35R φ10~35 Max.50 75 kW Inverter 14,000
BTH-60R φ12~60 Max.50 75 kW Inverter 28,000
BTH-80R φ20~80 Max.50 150 kW Inverter 32,000
BTH-125R φ30~125 Max.30 200 kW Inverter 36,000
BTH-160R φ40~160 Max.30 300 kW Inverter 39,500
BTH-200R φ80~200 Max.20 300 kW Inverter 69,000
BTH-280R φ100~280 Max.15 300 kW Inverter 73,000
BTH-360R φ120~360 Max.10 300 kW Inverter 80,000
BTH-500R φ150~500 Max.5 360 kW Inverter 120,000