Company name Daisho Seiki Corporation
Address 25-45, Koda 4-chome, Ikeda, Osaka
563-0043, Japan <Map>
Phone: +81-72-751-3661
Fax: +81-72-752-6622
Capital 70 million yen (authorized capital: 164 million yen)
Banks dealt with Ikeda Bank, Head Office Sales
President Kazuharu Komata
Main products Double-disc grinders (vertical, horizontal)
Single head surface grinders
Bar and coil peeling machines
Bar straightening-polishing machines,
specialty machine tools
No. of employees 68
Company history June 1946
Tsuneo Komata establishes his own company in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture.
Company established as Daisho Seiki Kosakusho with 2 million yen in capital.
July 1957
Company moves head office and operations to new factory at 1622 Koda-cho in Ikeda City.
April 1983
Company changes name to Daisho Seiki Corporation.
April 1997
Company celebrates 50th anniversary, Kazuharu Komata becomes president.
January 2000
Company opens office in Seoul, Korea.
May 2000
Company establishes Daisho Seiki American Corporation in Chicago, USA.
May 2002
Company open office in Shanhai, China.
September 2002
Exhibited Grinding Machine at IMTS,CHICAGO indipendently.
October 2002
Exhibited Grinding Machine at JIMTOF,TOKYO cooperate with WENDT.
June 2006
Company establishes Daisho Seiki Korea Corporation in Seoul, Korea.

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